Coronavirus COVID-19

Covid-19 Secure Measures

We wanted to give visitors as much information as possible about the measures we have implemented here at EMSR.

These measures will hopefully take away the stress and help you enjoy your visit. Wherever possible we will strive to achieve a 2 metre social distancing, where this is not possible we will achieve a 1 metre distance and advise extra measures to ensure visitors will be as safe as possible.

Hand Washing Facilities:

Hand washing is one the most effective ways to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. We have installed extra hand washing facilities near the children’s playground so all visitors can maintain hand hygiene without having to enter the toilets.

Hand Sanitiser Stations:

We have installed hand sanitising stations around the park.

Booking an arrival Time:

We will be asking all visitors (paying visitors and annual pass holders) to book an arrival time slot for their visit to EMSR via our website. This will limit visitor numbers inside the park and stagger the arrival times to avoid large queues.

The train journey:

We have devised a queuing system for the train with markings on the floor to keep passengers at the required distance apart.

We will operate a 7 coach train at all times, visitors from different households will be asked to sit distanced whilst travelling and we welcome visitors to wear a face covering if they wish.

We will be suspending the unlimited train ride option for the time being to help us manage social distancing on the train and avoid large queues.

Gift Shop:

We have devised a One-way system for visitors to walk around the gift shop maintaining the required distance between other visitors. This means we can have 6 family groups of people inside the shop at any one time. We ask visitors only touch the products in the shop if they intend to purchase them. Perspex screens have been installed at the till points.

Snack Shop:

We will be controlling the number of visitors allowed to enter the snack shop at any one time in order to reduce the risk. We ask visitors only touch the items they intend to purchase. We have installed a Perspex screen at the till point.


We will continue to provide drinks, lunches and snacks from our Café on a takeaway basis as normal. All of our seating is outdoors and the tables are placed 2 metres apart.

PPE for our staff:

Some of our staff will be required to wear face masks whilst carrying out specific jobs. This is to protect you as the visitor as well as themselves.


It is our duty to keep EMSR as clean as possible for our visitors, we have implemented a cleaning schedule where staff will be sanitising ‘touch points’ on a regular basis. Our toilet facilities will display a cleaning schedule and will be checked regularly. We will deep clean the children’s playground equipment on a daily basis before opening, then sanitise the equipment throughout the day, we ask that children wash their hands before and after using the equipment at the hand washing facilities provided.


Our toilet facilities will be open as usual with number restrictions in place and a thorough cleaning schedule.

1st Aid provisions:

We will continue to provide 1st Aid to visitors but we will ask parents to administer minor 1st aid to their children themselves. Of course we will provide the plasters, wipes, ice packs etc along with guidance and support. Where visitors require assistance with more substantial 1st aid, our 1st aiders will be required to wear full PPE, this can take a little time to put on and may appear a little scary for small children.

A no ‘mouth to mouth’ policy will be in force all the time there is a risk of transmitting the virus.

Social distancing:

We ask all our visitors to respect others visiting the park and maintain a 2 metre distance. There will be signage around the park to remind visitors of the 2m rule.

We want to make your visit as enjoyable as possible, whilst making you feel as safe as possible. If you have any questions that we have not covered on this page please feel free to email and we will respond as soon as possible.

We can’t wait to welcome you back!!

Annual Pass Holders:
If you have an annual pass that expired after 4th April 2020,
we have added 107 days onto the expiry date.
Also, any train tickets, gift vouchers and prize tickets
will all still be valid.